Famous Paint Horses: What Made Hank-a-Chief Special?

Born in 1969, this American Paint Horse stallion is one of the all time foundation sires by American Paint Horse Association. The Hank-a-Chief owes its name to its owner, Hank Wiescamp, who allowed it to be bred to Skip’s Lad. The Hank-a-Chief sired 472 registered gets, all colored. then came a long history of champions. 
What makes the Hank-a-Chief special 
The Hank-a-Chief made it to the American Paint Horse Association (APHA) Hall of Fame for siring champions. In addition to the 26 APHA champions and 6 Versatility Champions, Hank-a-Chief sires also earned hundreds of APHA points in various areas, including barrel racing, hunter hack and halter, among many others. 
Other achievements include 163 Rom Earners, 97 Grand Champions, 9 Youth Champions, and 112 Grand Reserve champions.When it comes to points, the horse’s Reg foals achieved GET of 2044 Halter points, and 5057 Performance Under Saddle points. 
The Hank-a-Chief is clearly a special horse, having sired champions in almost all areas.