Famous Paint Horses: What Made Q Ton Eagle Special?

Q Ton Eagle is a Paint Horse stallion that has stood tall for it’s breed and is highly regarded as six time National Champion. He was bred by Quenton Foster and owned by J.D. Hooter. Q Ton Eagle experienced good Quarter Horse breeding, as can be seen with his powerful muscles and beautiful head shape.

Unfortunately, his accomplishments remain unrecorded, as the APHA has not started recording performance rewards until later in his career. Q Ton Eagle was honored into the APHA Hall of Fame 2012 for his many outstanding achievements including 17 Halter points and 5 Performance points. He was the 10x Grand Champion, 1964, 1966, 1968 and 1969 National Champion, 1 Supreme Champion, and various other awards for his excellence in Halter and Performance.

This is proven by his achievement as the Leading Sire of Halter Point Earners in 1966 to 1974. Q Ton Eagle was an extravagant and beautiful paint horse that will be remembered by the APHA forever.