American Paint Horses: What Made Rain Special?

Rain is an American paint horse depiction in the movie Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. American paint horses are known for their signature color patterns that combine splotches of white and other dark colors. Muscular and with a firm neck, this horse features in sports, riding and work. 
In the movie, Rain is an attractive and lively chestnut paint horse whose quiet life takes a sudden turn when Spirit, a male horse comes to the scene. Rain falls in love with Spirit, but is torn between her fellow horse and a human, Little Creek. After a series of unfortunate events, including an attack by the US Cavalry, the two reunite at the end and decide to share the rest of the lives. 
So what makes Rain special in this movie? 
Rain is a striking depiction of the real American paint horse. She is passionate, playful, strong, extremely loyal and dedicated to those close to her heart. An American paint horse has its ancestry in the quarter horse thoroughbred, inheriting strength and passion for those around them. 
Her physical appearance also makes her special in the movie. The crystal blue eyes, complemented with flaxen mane and tail, paints the picture of an extremely beautiful horse. She has a slender round body to complete the picturesque appearance.