Introducing our Paint Horse Stable and Breeder Directory

Check out our new directory of paint horse stables and breeders from around the country. This state-by-state directory is a work in progress. We’ve learned over the years just how much turnover their can be in organizations, names, websites, and locales. We’re going to do our best to maintain and add to this directory, while also occasionally pulling out an individual stable or breeder to write a feature story. Some of the states we haven’t covered yet, and some of the smaller states, we’re not entirely sure there is a reputable operation to pass along. More to this point, it’s not like we’ve personally shaked hands or visited every single stable and farm in this directory. And we know there’s still a ton out there that we’ve missed. But we’re excited about this project and process. Everybody who wants a paint horse should be able to find a paint horse and one that’s in good overall health and reasonably priced. Find our directory on our top menu bar and happy searching.